Why Giangola Insurance?

We have a saying around here, “insurance is boring, but what it protects isn’t.”

We know you would rather watch every major Cleveland sports tragedy on a loop for 24 hours then talk to an insurance agent about insurance. That’s why we believe you should have access to this decision making information when you want, whenever you want. We also believe it is our job not to sell you insurance, rather educate you on all the possibilities and provide a recommendation if you ask us for one.

That is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the most informative place on the web for buying insurance in Ohio. Now the truth of the matter is, as much information as we try to cram our site with, your personal information, age, location, family size, type of house, driving record, etc. all come into play getting a quote and making a proper recommendation.

Who are we?<br/>

Who are we?

If you have spent the time to get to know us (on your time), we’re pretty sure you won’t mind if/when it comes time for that final step. You see, we are an independent, family owned insurance agency and pride ourselves on working for you, not one specific insurance company.

We might not be as fast or as available as the insurance companies you see on TV or hear on the radio, but what we lack in man power we make up for in dedication, personal attention and actually caring about you. We have to, we don’t have a big company logo to hide behind or another agent waiting to take our place in line. Not too mention we will be able to tell you about the good AND the bad with each company. If you don’t believe us, it’s alright, because most of that information is available on our site.

To wrap this up, if you are interested in doing business with a family that runs three generations deep with insurance, values personal attention, being on a first name basis and have the ability compare the widest range of options available to you?

Than we just might be the insurance guys and gals for you.

P.S. You might have one last question about “what it cost” for our services? The short answer, they’re free most of the time as we are paid commission directly from the insurance company and those prices are fixed by law. You can read about it in more detail on our pricing page.

Why Not?<br/>

Why Not?

So you are struggling to find out the best way to buy whatever type of insurance you’re looking for? We thought it was important to tell you why you might want to do business with us, but just as important to help you know why you SHOULDN’T do business with us.

If you are looking for the absolute lowest, cheapest prices, as fast as possible. We’re probably not a good fit. While we are an independent family owned agency, which allows us the ability to offer insurance plans from almost any insurance company that lets us and we think is worth your time. Sometimes, one of those companies might be 37 cents cheaper.

While we know price is very important to you, we never expect you to unnecessarily pay more for something “just because.”

Also, if you have no intention of developing a trusting relationship with someone who has your best interest in mind, you will probably want to call the next 800 number that shows up on your TV. If you expect to talk to someone at 9:00 p.m. about making a policy change, we’re probably not your guys either. We all have families and need to spend time with them just like you do.

Actually, we are one big family. There’s only seven of us (six blood related) that cover three generations of the Giangola family.

We will never win the manpower war and don’t have an army of polo shirt and khaki pants wearing bodies stuffed in tiny cubes. If those things are important to you, than we probably will disappoint you. So we thought it would be best to let you know now and save you the time.

A Little More About Us

This isn't our first rodeo.

Our family name has been connected with insurance since 1955 and spanned across three generations.

The company was founded by Don Giangola, Sr. in Ashtabula, OH as an independent, family owned and operated business, which it has remained ever since.

Our agency is made up of one Mom/Grandma/Great Grandma, three brothers/Dad & Uncles and one son/grandson/nephew.

Poke around our site, there's a ton of information to help learn and understand whatever insurance decision you need to make. If you need some help along the way, just ask.

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