Health Insurance 101

Listen, I get it... Trying to find and understand health insurance can be a daunting task.

Smart people know, the best place to start is at the beginning.

Don't sit around waiting for a magical health insurance fairy to come and drop the perfect policy in your lap.

Well, you could... but you will probably need your health insurance before that happens.

Everyone Needs Health Insurance Because...

Insurance exists for one reason: to protect you from a catastrophic financial loss.

This rule will apply to any type of insurance you look to purchase. The trick is to not lose sight of that during the buying process. It doesn’t matter if you purchase your own health insurance or are covered through your employer.

Your health insurance policy's primary job is to protect you from hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential medical bills.

Talk to anyone who has faced a serious medical condition, be it insured or uninsured. They will tell you not to learn the hard way.

Getting Started: How to Buy the Right Health Insurance Policy

Are you frustrated with the secret health insurance language? Here's 10 terms that will have you talking like a pro.

Intimidated by the amount of plan choices. Here's an explanation of every plan you will want to consider.

Afraid to make a mistake? Don't be, here are the most common ones to avoid.

Want to know what your total bill could be? Read about why knowing your out-of-Pocket maximum is so important.

Don't want to bite off more than you can chew? This will make sure you pick a deductible that is right for you.

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