Giangola Insurance Pricing

You want to know how much insurance costs?

You also want to know how much it costs to work with an independent agency like ours?

We can tell you the answer to both questions, you’ll probably like the answer to the second question better.

The answer to how much insurance costs is, it depends.

The answer to how much it cost to work with our company is, nothing (for the most part).

It depends because so much of the cost of insurance is based on your specific information.

We are paid commissions directly by the insurance company and those commissions are built into the price of whatever policy you buy.

That means, if you try and do it yourself, you're paying for a service you're not getting.

Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Below is a list of items that determine the cost of insurance.

Factors that Determine Your Rates




Credit Score (Auto & Home)

Driving Record (Auto)

Previous Claims (Home)

Health History (Life)

Type of Coverage (How much)

Here's A Detailed Example

To roll out a “package 1, 2 or 3” pricing table isn’t possible.

But because we know pricing is very important to you, we wanted to do our best to answer that question as quickly and effectively as possible.

Here’s an example of what auto, home, health and life insurance costs for the “Smith’s” family of four. (Note this family example is completely made up)

Sample Rates For Different Types of Coverage

Health Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Plan 1

Medical Mutual HSA 6000

Medal Level: Bronze

Deductible - $12,000

Monthly Price - $765.60

Plan 2

Medical Mutual HSA 3000

Medal Level: Silver

Deductible - $6,000

Monthly Price - $1,073.78

John Smith

Banner Life - OPTerm 20

Term (length) - 20 Years

Amount - $500,000

Monthly Price: $94.50

Jane Smith

Banner Life - OPTerm 20

Term (length) - 20 Years

Amount - $500,000

Monthly Price: $93.63

Home Insurance

Auto Insurance

Company: Western Reserve Group

Dwelling: $300,000

Other Structures: 33,000

Personal Property: $247,500

Loss of Use: $99,000

Personal Liability: $500,000

Medical Payments: $1,000

Annual Price: $1,135

Company: Western Reserve Group

Number of Drivers: 4

Number of Vehicles: 3

Bodily Injury: 100/300

Medical Payments: $5,000

Property Damage: $100,000

Collision Deductible: $500

Comprehensive Deductible: $500

Six Month Price: $1,236

Remember, prices do change on a monthly basis most of the time, except health insurance - which is now on a yearly schedule.

This is just an example to help you get an idea of what you can expect to pay for your different types of insurance.

We will also be adding a few more family example for you to compare soon.

Find out if we're the right insurance agency for you.

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