Will Combining Home and Auto Insurance Get You a Discount in Ohio?

May 16, 2014

Here’s the thing, home insurance is harder to get these days, not just in Ohio, but around the country.

This is happening as a result of two things, a lot more crazy weather and (you’re not going to like this) insurance companies have yet to fully realize that it’s dramatically underpriced.

What I mean by that is, the money they are charging you to insure your home, $500 - $1,000 a year for an average home, isn’t not nearly enough to to cover the extreme amount the coverage is trying to insurance. $100,000 - $200,000 homes.

That being said, a lot of companies won’t consider taking your home insurance unless you’re bringing your cars along for tahe ride.

The simple answer to the question is yes.

A Few Homeowners Discounts Details

Not every insurance company discounts the multiple policies the same.

For example a company like Western Reserve Group will give a traditional “multi policy discount” of 14% for having your auto and home insurance with them.

However a company like Grange doesn’t care if you have your home insured with them, they only care if you own your home and will give you a homeowners discount.

The Convenience Factor

The last thing to consider is the convenience of having all your eggs in one basket.

Some companies offer what they call a “package policy” where both your auto and homeowners insurance come on one bill.

Otherwise, you are just keeping everything under one roof and keeping things more streamlined than if you had different policies scattered all over the place.

Of course I’m not going to tell you how to do your bookkeeping, but I know it’s something you think about when making that decision.

Watch the short video below to understand more about how the auto home discount could work for you.

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