The Working Stiff's Guide To Annihilating Exercise Excuses: Health. Care. Insurance. Hangout

June 21, 2013

Your methodically crafted excuses designed to disarm any form of ambition, foreign or domestic, related to your physical activity do not stand a chance against real life "working stiff" and fitness nut Brent Kelly.

I wanted to talk with Brent, who is a fellow insurance agent and real life example, to help you see you don't need to be a mid 90's action star to achieve a level of fitness you always desired.

There's no fancy personal trainers here, just real people talking about real results.

We also kick things off by talking about Brent's masterful concept of trading one hour (exercise) to improve your other 23 (life).

WARNING: Do not watch this hangout if you still want to hold on to those excuses you hold so near and dear to your heart.

We will methodically eliminate the following excuses:

  • Time
  • Family (Kids)
  • Work
  • Energy

Watch the Hangout Below:

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