How To Read a Food Label Like a Nutritionist (And Improve Your Health): Health. Care. Insurance. Han

July 04, 2013

On this week's hangout we pull out all the stops teaching you how to make better food choices by simply reading a food label.

If you're tired of counting calories, watching the scale ignore you and generally feeling sluggish. Read the back of the box and you will learn why.

Of course, the hardcore "real food" crowd will say "the best food label is no food label." But lets face it, we live in a place called reality and sometimes you are going to pop open a box or rip open a bag of less than ideal nourishment.

The trick is knowing what to look for when you do.

I talked with registered dietitian and nutritionist Adrienne Raimo, CEO of One Bite Wellness, about how to identify the most damaging ingredients to avoid and understand how improving those decision can improve your health.

We will also discuss:

  • Label reading 101
  • Ingredients you should avoid at all cost
  • Health conditions related to label illiteracy
  • Healthy alternatives

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