Health. Care. Insurance. Hangout: Where Was Your Meat Last Night? A Guide To Real Food

April 18, 2013

The Health. Care. Insurance. Hangout is back to ask one simple questions, where was your meat last night? If you don't know the answer to that question, you will probably find this conversation to be an eye-opener.

You might be saying,
"but isn't red meat supposed to be bad for you?"

Or, "I thought eggs, cheese and milk were too?"

Well... What if I told you it's how they raise the animals that pollutes everything they produce? What if meat, eggs, cheese and milk were some of the healthiest foods you could eat?

That is, if you eat quality food that was raised and produced with a little common sense.

I sat down with a diverse panel on this week's Hangout to talk about the importance of "voting with your food dollar."

I was joined by Nate Fagnilli, Executive Chef of Crosswinds Grille at The Lakehouse Inn in Geneva, Ohio, Mark Winchell, Executive Director of the Ashtabula County Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Melissa Miller owner of Miller Livestock located in Kinsman, Ohio - all of whom lead by example highlighting, promoting and implementing these practices in their businesses.

During our talk you will learn:

  • What is grass fed beef?
  • Ways to fix the broken food system.
  • The importance of knowing where your food comes from.
  • The challenges healthy, sustainable farming faces to becoming more accessible.
  • Why most restaurants and grocery stores don't offer such products and where you can find them.
  • The importance of supporting and eating local and seasonal food.

And much more!

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Watch our discussion below: