Health. Care. Insurance. Hangout: A Heart Healthy Lifestyle: Heart Disease Facts and Myths

April 03, 2013

This week on the Health. Care. Insurance. Hangout I was joined by cardiologist Dr. John Stephens of the Cleveland Clinic and Ashtabula County Medical Center to discuss ways to keep your heart healthy.

Dr. Stephens shared with us his secret to the fountain of youth and the slightly amazing notion that common chronic diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol can be cured by adjusting your lifestyle so support more healthy habits.

During our hangout, Dr. Stephens and I discuss basic, practical, daily applications to increasing your level of physical activity.

Additionally, he reveals the easiest and most beneficial way to make significant changes to your nutrition habits to ensure you are not overeating.

Also, we dive into the silent killer, stress, and talk about why it's often overlooked and misunderstood.

And much more!

Watch our discussion below: