Don't Buy That Health Insurance... At Least Not Yet: Health. Care. Insurance. Hangout

June 14, 2013

On this week's Health. Care. Insurance. Hangout I was joined by Katherine Woodfield, author of "Don't Buy That Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer," to discuss why it's so important to have as much information as possible when making a health insurance decision.

Katherine and I shared our thoughts on the important and vital role high deductible health plans should play in our health insurance system moving forward. We also dipped our toes in the Affordable Care Act waters and gave you an idea what you should be looking out for next year when the law takes full effect.

We also covered:

  • The evolution of the American health care system
  • How to control your health care cots
  • Why buying insurance isn't a scam
  • The impact of health care reform

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Watch our Hangout Below:

Show Notes

Don't Buy That Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer: The Educated Health Insurance Consumer's Guide to Reducing Health Care Costs