The Power of Social Media Authenticity For Your Business: Small Business Corner Hangout

Posted by Joey Giangola

Aug 29, 2013 9:00:00 AM

describe the imageIs your business struggling to find ways to connect and communicate with your clients and prospects in a meaningful and relevant way?

If your company has been falling on its face with social media for far too long, it could be because you aren't being socially acceptable.

We all know social media is a big deal, so much so, it's possibly one for the most powerful developments in the last century.

That's why on this month's Small Business Corner we went on a dangerous journey to understand the importance of your business acting like a real person on social media.

Leading the expedition is Facebook, social media big leaguer Amy Porterfield and savvy YouTube, video marketer Amy Schmittauer.

They will be teaching you not only how, but why it's so important to ditch the boardroom speak and talk to your audience like a real person.

We will also cover:

  • Deconstructing your message
  • How to translate it for each platform
  • How to measure the results
  • How to set your sharing guidelines

Watch the Hangout Below:

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