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Joey is the third generation to join the family business. He's the agency’s primary content creator and all around web guy. When Joey isn’t talking about insurance on the internet, or helping clients he’s probably spending time with his family. In other rare spare moments he could be found obsessing over one of the local Cleveland sports teams, struggling to stay awake late enough to play video games or trying to remember how to play the bass guitar.
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The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans for 2018

Nov 12, 2017 5:13:10 PM

It’s that fantastic time of year again, you know, the time you get to pay more for the same thing you already have.

If it feels like you’re the only one, don’t worry it’s happening to everyone. There’s plenty of reasons for this, but explaining them right now won’t do much to calm the quiet homicidal rage you might be feeling.

With that being said, my job here at Giangola Insurance is to help you push that rage aside long enough to identify the “best” plan for you or your family.

It’s something I help thousands of people do every year.

So much so that this is the sixth installment of the “Best Health Insurance Plans in Ohio” list.

The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2017
The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2016
The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2015
The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2014
The Best and Worst Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2013

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How to Understand Your Medicare Supplement Plan N

Sep 25, 2017 4:50:43 PM

Now that you’re rounding the final turn to cross the Medicare finish line, you’re realizing this is the first time you’ve had to deal with your health insurance on your own.

Don’t worry it’s not going to be that bad. It feels a little worse than it actually is because you can’t open your mailbox without seeing a postcard of a happy grey haired couple trying to tell you what to do.

You probably don’t even have grey hair. You know what happens when you assume…

So let’s make this a grey hair free zone to talk about Medicare Plan N and if it’s something you want to consider?

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How to Understand Your Ohio Medicare Supplement Plan F

Aug 18, 2017 10:50:33 AM

Finally, it’s time to actually get serious about picking the right Medicare Supplement plan.

Your mailbox and phone have probably been getting abused by people who are to excited about telling you you’re getting old.

Trying to sort through the desperate sales tactics can be exhausting, especially when you just want someone to help you not have to think about your medicare supplement anymore.

Well, that’s exactly what I want to help you do today.

We’re going to take a look at all the moving parts of you Ohio medicare supplement plan F, what it covers and how you can expect it to work when you need it most.

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How to Understand Your Ohio Medicare Supplement Plan G

Aug 9, 2017 3:38:56 PM

You’re probably knee deep in the process to make sense of all the different medicare supplement plans available in Ohio.

You’ve been counting down to this moment for a couple years and now that it’s finally hear, the panic might start setting in.

For the last six months you haven’t been able to turn around without someone trying to remembering you how old you're getting.

While it’s possible you’ve been looking forward to this healthcare relief milestone, it still doesn’t mean you haven’t been fighting the urge to slap the age reminders across the face.

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How to Talk to a Doctor When You Can’t Afford It

Jun 19, 2017 10:52:10 AM

Let’s be honest, health insurance or no health insurance, it’s not cheap to go to the doctors office.

You’re often faced with a difficult decision when you get sick. Do you spend your last $120 on a visit to your doctor or do you buy groceries for the week?

Sometimes, maybe most times, the money just isn’t there.

When unexpected expenses hit they’re usually avoided, if possible.

It’s a lot easier to suffer through that sinus infection than handover your last $120 for a little relief.

Let’s take a closer look at why you’re having trouble affording the proper care and a few ways you can get it.

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Do You Need Dental Insurance?

May 15, 2017 10:23:14 AM

You might not believe me if I told you the number of people who are more worried about insurance for their teeth than the rest of their body.

Even more surprising, those people who want to make sure their teeth are always taken care of don’t go to the dentist that often.

To help prevent you from making a potential mistake insuring your teeth, let’s breakdown the actual cost to do so.

You might think it’s crazy, but I start almost every conversation with a client about dental insurance by saying “it’s going to sound like I’m trying to not sell you the policy.”

To be honest, a lot of the time I am.

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The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans for 2017

Nov 17, 2016 11:17:26 PM

Your yearly health insurance search is one you probably approach with anxiety, fear and a pinch of anger mixed in for good measure.

Figuring out what the “best” plan is can feel like trying to hold water in a pasta strainer. Just when you think you’ve got every hole covered, water keeps spilling out.

My job here at Giangola Insurance is to help you identify that “best” plan for you or your family.

It’s a question I help thousands of people answer every year.

So much so that this is the fifth installment of the “Best Health Insurance Plans in Ohio” list.

The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2016
The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2015
The Best Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2014
The Best and Worst Ohio Health Insurance Plans in 2013

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How to Not Get Scammed Buying Health Insurance

Oct 28, 2016 3:28:19 PM

If you’re not completely sure what you bought, there’s a good chance it isn’t real health insurance.

I’ve been selling health insurance for seven years, which has covered pre and post Obamacare policies.

The one thing that has remained constant is the fly by night indemnity plans that prey on your confusion and desperation.

I’ve lost count over the years the number of people who I’ve had to break the news to that they didn’t actually buy a full on health insurance policy.

This, as you would imagine comes with a decent amount of shock and surprise that something like that could happen.

As an attempt to help you avoid the mistakes of those people and me not wanting to tell you your health insurance is fake, here’s everything you need to look out for.

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How Can You Save Money on Your Prescription Medications at Walmart?

Oct 12, 2016 4:17:51 PM

If you’re a veteran of high cost prescription medication, you’ve probably found the dark and seedy discount card corners of the internet.

Being a licensed health insurance agent, I often looked down on those discount cards from my health insurance high horse. They all had the feeling of a late night infomercial that I wanted nothing to do with.

Before Obamacare took over in 2014, I was constantly answering questions from people looking for hope in a hopeless situation. They were uninsurable by the current standards of health insurance underwriting.

The best options they had were to rely on the misleading promises of guarantee issue indemnity plans and piece together discount cards for different services.

A hodgepodge of healthcare.

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Why Did Medical Mutual Cancel Your Health Insurance Policy?

Sep 14, 2016 10:15:42 AM

First, let’s get one thing straight, these cancellations or discontinuances only apply to individual health insurance policies in certain counties in Ohio.

You might have recently received a letter in the mail from Medical Mutual letting you know that they won’t be offering your health insurance plan in 2017.

As a result, you might have blacked out momentarily or suffered a moderate panic attack.

First, don’t worry.

Your health insurance isn’t going anywhere until the end of 2016.

You’re just going to have to pick a new insurance company for 2017 when open enrolment starts on November 1.

Nevertheless, I’m sure you're a little confused as to why Medical Mutual did this and what it all means.

After doing a little digging and putting all the pieces together, here’s a few answers to questions you’re probably asking yourself.

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